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Add Google Search, YouTube, Maps, Blogger, Translate and More to your Website!

Google provides a wide variety of useful free tools (called Google Web Elements or Google Gadgets) that we can setup (as needed) and quickly integrate into your website. Tools such as Google Calendar or Blogger can then be updated from your own computer through your Google account. This allows you to easily keep your website content fresh and communicate current activities or offerings to your visitors. It also reduces ongoing website maintenance costs. Below are the most popular Google tools that can be inserted into websites along with an example of each tool inserted into a web page.

Google Search

Lets visitors easily search on content within your website. The Google Search box is typically added to the top right header area of a website. You can, optionally, generate revenue from your visitors' searches through Google Adsense.

Example of Google Search with Adsense (upper right)


Lets visitors watch a video from within your website.
Learn how to upload a video to YouTube
Learn more about using YouTube as a Social Media Networking Tool for Businesses

Example of a YouTube Video on a Website

Google Maps

Lets visitors see and use a clickable, interactive map of your location. You can also, optionally, customize your map.
Learn how to create a customized Google Map

Example of a Google Map on a Website:

Google Blogger

Lets you update your visitors about upcoming events, news, tips, etc. Multiple Bloggers can be created to convey different types of information. Bloggers can be integrated into your website as separate pages within your site. They can also be customized to have a similar look and feel to your website and include links back to your site.
Learn how to create and update a Blogger

Example of a Blogger as a Page Within a Website

Google Translate

Lets your visitors quickly translate your pages into their language.

Example of Google Translate on Website (right sidebar)

Google Picasa Web Albums

Lets you share unlimited photo albums, including captions, with your visitors. Either a clickable album or a clickable slideshow can be embedded into a website. The photos in the displayed album are automatically updated when changes are made through Google Picasa. As an alternative, Google Blogger lets you insert photos into blog entries.
Learn how to create and update Google Picasa Web Albums

Example of a Clickable Album Cover on a Website:

Google Picasa Example Embedded on Web Page

Example of a Clickable Slideshow on a Website:

Google Calendar

Lets your visitors view upcoming events by week, month, or 'agenda' (full listing of events). Multiple calendars can be created and added to your website for different types of events. The calendars are automatically updated when changes are made through Google Calendar.
Learn how to create and update Google Calendars

Example of Google Calendar on a Website:

Google Docs (Spreadsheets)

Lets your visitors view a spreadsheet of information The spreadsheet is automatically updated when changes are made through Google Docs.
Learn how to create and update Google Docs Spreadsheets

Example of a Google Spreadsheet on a Website:

Google Docs (Presentations)

Lets your visitors view a presentation. The presentation is automatically updated when changes are made through Google Docs.
Learn how to create and update Google Docs Presentation

Example of a Google Presentation on a Website:

Google Reader

Lets your visitors view specific public articles you have chosen to share through Google Reader.The list of articles displayed is automatically updated when you share/unshare articles through Google Reader.
Learn how to update and share in Google Reader

Example of Google Reader on a Website:

Google Checkout

Lets visitors make secure donations or purchases of products or services from your website.
Learn how to setup Google Checkout

Example of Google Checkout on a Website

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